Guest room decorating on a budget

>> Thursday, May 31, 2007

The guest room is probably the most neglected of all the rooms in the house mainly because it is rarely used. You never know when an unsuspected visitor will suddenly arrive. For this reason, your guest room should always be well maintained and well decorated.

Decorating your guest room need not mean breaking the bank. With a little creativity, you can make your guest room look like a room in a first class hotel. Your guests would definitely enjoy their stay in your house if your guest room is well decorated.

Do you think your guest room needs some redecorating? Worried that your guests would not enjoy their stay in your home? Below are some tips on how to decorate a guest room while on a budget.

  • Choose a style that is neutral. Remember that other people will stay in the guest room, not you: so choose a style that you feel will suit the tastes of other people. Some safe styles include country, Victorian or minimalist. By choosing a particular style it will be easier to stay within your budget since it is usually cheaper.
  • Decide on a single color to paint the walls and ceilings in your guest room. Choose a color that will compliment the style of d├ęcor you choose. Off white or rosy pink is ideal for a Victorian themed room; while a country-inspired room would require yellows, greens, or blues.
  • You can transfer items that are used infrequently from the other parts of the house to the guest room. If the color of these items does not match the color of your guest room you can paint them - repainting items is cheaper than buying new ones. Slipcovers work well to cover a couch or chair; they will save you a great amount of money.
  • When buying draperies and rugs, remember that you can save by purchasing solid colored items. These will brighten any room.
  • You can hang artwork in your guest room without spending a fortune; craft stores carry contemporary art pieces at nominal prices. You might want to photocopy or scan a picture that you are interested, enlarge it, and frame it to use on the wall.

Sounds easy? Well it is. Now what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start decorating your guest room.


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